Code of Conduct

GIL’s Code of Conduct (“Code”) applies to all executive and non-executive directors, officers, employees and contractors (collectively “officers”) of the Group.

The objectives of this Code is to ensure that:

  • high standards of corporate and individual behaviour are observed by all officers;
  • officers are aware of their responsibilities to GIL and always act in an ethical and professional manner; and
  • officers, shareholders, suppliers, clients or competitors are dealt with in a manner consistent with the Code.

Officers should always use due care and diligence when fulfilling their role or representing GIL and should not engage in any conduct likely to bring discredit upon GIL. GIL currently does not employ any staff internally and has appointed the Manager to manage GIL. The Manager will adhere to GIL’s Code of Conduct in addition to its own.

Officers should, among others:-

  • Act honestly and in good faith at all times and in a manner which is in the best interests of GIL as a whole.
  • Not take advantage of property, information or position or opportunities arising from their position as an officer for personal gain or to compete with GIL.
  • Restrict the use of non-public information (whether specific to GIL or entrusted to it by others) except where disclosure is authorised or legally mandated.
  • Trade in securities, including trading in shares of GIL, in accordance with GIL’s Share Trading Policy.
  • Always deal with shareholders, clients, customers, suppliers, competitors and other officers in a manner that is lawful, diligent and fair and with honesty, integrity and respect.

GIL actively promotes and encourages ethical behaviour and protection for those who report violations in good faith.

© Copyright 2016
Global Investments Limited
© Copyright 2016
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